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Bridget Parker - Stained Glass Artist and Instructor


Hi! Welcome to my shop, B the Stain! I am so excited that you found B the Stain. And, you are able to share my passion.  This is a dream come true to have an outlet to share my love for art and design. I spent my childhood on a farm working and becoming inspired by nature and wildlife. In my free time, I would do paint-by-number, abstract art drawings, artistry, embroidery... always working and busy with my hands. As I grew older, I worked in the fashion industry for 20+ years wearing stilettos every day where I learned about textiles, textures, and color design that work well together. I then spent my time working in the Floral Industry. After 18 years as a Texas Master Florist, I have retired. .All of these things have lead me to my path and passion for creating art using glass. Now that I have raised 2 beautiful kids, that have spread their wings and left the nest (FINALLY!) I am thrilled to share my shop and  my true passion. At 60+ years, I don't want  time to pass me by and not show the world what I can do! So, I am sharing my ideas through art.  I am leaving my mark, a stain for the world to see. B the Stain!  


Our creativity leaves a mark, a stain for the world to see. "B the Stain"


The Stain

590 Mesquite Drive

Cedar Creek, Texas 78612

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